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Cormo wool top - 4oz

Cormo is a rare breed prized for its wool - breeders will often sell fleeces raw at a premium and use the skirtings to make a high quality yarn. Micron for the breed standard is 23 mic or less, a dense fleece with good elasticity and memory. The breed was created in Tazmania with merino ewes and corredaile rams - the corredaile itself a cross of merino ewes and lincoln rams.


This is my first experience with cormo.  It's surprised me with its springiness and a hand that's not quite as soft as I expected. That said, it's a lovely product, zero vm, very rare nepp. Color is a natural clean white.









Roving is carded fiber, shaped into a long cylinder.  The fibers crisscross each other.  It is best suited to woolen preparations.  Combed top is further processed by combing, removing much of the remaining nepps and debris, and making the fibers parallel.  Top is best suited to worsted or semi-worsted preparations.


Micron indicates the fineness of the fiber.  Below 24 micron is considered fine.  Merino and Rambouillet are finewools.  The smaller the micron, the finer the wool.  Conversely, spinning count indicates finer fiber with higher numbers.  This is because it is based on the number of hanks of yarn that can be spun from a pound of wool.

Cormo wool top - 4oz

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