Young hens, well feathered and no longer needing heat.  Preorder for best availability.  Price varies by age and breed.  Cheaper than layers, without the work of baby chicks.

Flock Policies

I don't kill "surplus" rooster chicks. They live happy lives just like the hens until they find their purpose.

All birds sold as hens are guaranteed hens. Even if it's a chick hatched elsewhere and the mistake was not mine, if I sold it as a hen, you can returnthe bird and get a hen. 

My flock is still growing. I only bring in baby chicks, and I only get them from NPIP certified flocks, to minimize disease importation risk.

Hatchery chicks are vaccinated against Mareks and coccidiosis and fed non-medicated feed.


Program Goals

I enjoy raising chicks and providing people with reliable and healthy hens. So far, the flock is a good fit on a diversifying farm.  I also enjoy trying out new breeds as well as keeping a few that have proved they thrive in our area and have a good attitude.  I continue to experiment with established breeds and new crosses, always looking for birds that are healthy, suited to my regional weather, don't exhibit meanness, and that can lay beautiful eggs.  Auto-sexing is a plus.

Available Now - $25

6-month Brown Egg Hens

This group started laying 12/23. 

White Rock, Barred Rock, 

Red Sexlink, Barred Sexlink, White Langshan

Sold Out

4-month color Eggers

Price increases with age until laying.

Ameraucana hens and roosters

Whiting True Green Hens

Reserve Now

Chicks hatching starting mid February

Brahmas, Faverolles, Cochins, Speckled Sussex, Ameraucana (mixed colors), Niederrheiner, Bielefelder, French Black Copper Marans, French Blue Marans, more

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Home Hatched Chicks

Delaware Broilers - excellent healthy broiler type that can be kept in the flock as adults and free range while growing, unlike most broilers. Takes a few extra weeks to reach butcher weight.

Easter Eggers - green egg layers from happy, healthy local hens

Sexlinks - productive layers that reveal their sex through their birth color.

Light Brahma - big, lovely, and docile. My favorite of the brown eggers that arrived here last year. Limited.

Bielefelder - Lovely and sweet auto-sexing breed. High demand.  Limited.

Barred Rocks - robust and stripey. Classic dual purpose chicken.



I began raising sheep with my grandfather when I was 10 years old.  At 16, I moved to a new farm and my grandfather sent the sheep with me.  At 18, I began pursuing rarer sheep, but it would be another 5 years before I acquired my first Navajo-Churros. Some years later, I added some other breeds, and eventually got my Bluefaced Leicesters.  Currently I'm shifting the flock to focus on the Navajo-Churro, BFL, and my BFL mules (crossbreds.)


Working in partnership with long-time purveyors of hay, straw, and mulch - delivery and custom work available.  Large square, round, small square (two string), by the bale or by the trailer.  Also available - unregistered Hereford cattle.


2021 Waiting Lists

Do you think next year is the year to finally get chickens?  Are you looking to add to your homestead with a flock of heritage sheep?  Will you be in the market for feeder cattle?  Now is the time to get on the list for 2021.  Plans are in the works to add home-hatched chicks next year, including Bielefelders, blue Eggers and green eggers, heritage broilers, and sex links.