Henrietta - 29.5 micron grey roving - 4 oz

The Henrietta is a 2-4 inch staple roving in stunning natural silver grey. Correidale wool mixed with other local fleeces of similar shade and type.  Sourced from American farms, mostly in the Northeast.  29.5 micron.  This roving has some lanolin as well as some nepps and flecks of hay.  The grease is more that I usually see in roving, but it rinses out well.  This roving is flecked with white hairs.  Used in dyeing, the grey adds depth and a jewel tone aspect or heathering to colors. Hand or drum carding would turn this inexpensive diamond in the rough into something really special. Limited stock.


Available in continuous lengths.







Roving is carded fiber shaped into a long cylinder.  The fibers crisscross each other. &