Chicken Availability

Available Now - $25

6-month Brown Egg Hens

This group started laying 12/23. 

White Rock, Barred Rock, 

Red Sexlink, Barred Sexlink, 

Australorp, White Langshan

Available Now - $21

4-month color Eggers

Price increases with age until laying.

Ameraucana hens and roosters

Whiting True Green Hens


Reserve Now

Chicks hatching early March - price varies

Brahmas, Faverolles, Cochins, Speckled Sussex, Ameraucana (mixed colors)

Reserve Now

Home Hatched Chicks

Delaware Broilers - excellent healthy broiler type that can be kept in the flock as adults and free range while growing, unlike most broilers. Takes a few extra weeks to reach butcher weight.

Easter Eggers - green egg layers from happy, healthy local hens

Sexlinks - productive layers that reveal their sex through their birth color.


Ameraucana (mixed colors) - blue eggers in an array of colors

Light Brahma - big, lovely, and docile. My favorite of the brown eggers that arrived here last year. Limited.

Bielefelder - Lovely and sweet auto-sexing breed. High demand.  Limited.

Barred Rocks - robust and stripey. Classic dual purpose chicken.


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